The saws are running, dusting is flying, hammers are banging. It is another day at Loudoun Stairs.  People are moving lumber around as they transform from pieces of wood into stair and rail parts. One of the first stops they make is to the big blue panel saw. A little more than a year ago, we determined that our old Holzman saw just wasn’t cutting it anymore. After much research, we finally settled onto a Biesse panel saw and went through the process of buying, and installing the new saw. Now this is a big piece of equipment, we even had to build onto the building to compensate for the new space occupied by the saw.

It was quite the day when it was delivered, lowered slowly by a crane into the space we wanted it in. Lights were put up, tracks were built for the carts, and our panel saw operator became familiar with the new beast of a machine. Loudoun Stairs is unique in this way, we try to keep as much as possible done under our roof, and the panel saw helps with that plan. It is a part of the large network of stations a piece of wood goes to before being installed into the home of a consumer. With our commitment to high quality products, we wouldn’t have it any other way.