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October 16, 2018

Looking To The Future 

One Step Forward

Loudoun Stairs is based on manual labor, as is the case with most carpentry companies. As the older generations are retiring and the new ones are joining the work force, one specific problem is plaguing us all. Where will we find workers to fill the holes of our retiring carpenters? The generations of today are plagued with accusations of laziness and entitlement, but one thing is clear, it’s not that those generations don’t want to work. They don’t want to do the hard manual labor day in and day out. Who can blame them? They grew up hearing “work smarter not harder” and now that they are doing just that we insult them.

Two Steps Back

In response Loudoun Stairs is offering new programs, student loan help, and tuition help, things that millennials and the younger generations are looking for. But there is one thing that we haven’t changed about Loudoun Stairs yet. It is still hard, manual labor day in and day out. So what can we change? Well for Loudoun Stairs, we are looking at robots! When companies find robots to do that hard labor they are treated with that same scorn as the millennials. But are we really replacing people’s jobs? Or are we filling the gap between the generations? We are begging for applicants, and why?  Because there are so few craftsmen companies like Loudoun Stairs are fighting over the remaining few. Soon we will be forced to move forward with the progress of the generations or we will struggle along hoping for a change to find us. Which way will you choose?

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