Robotics – Wave to the Future

Robots, whether you believe that they are going to take over the world, or you are looking forward to the day that your car drives you to work, we are all headed to a future of more automation. Even now, we are seeing it in almost every industry across the globe. Even Loudoun Stairs has its fair share of robots. We have the CNC machine, which although, is not really robotic, has made our production team run more efficiently. We use the CNC machine to cut stair parts, and remove those time consuming jobs so that we can focus on getting products out.

Next we have Robert the actual robot, Robert is a Motoman robot. Robert is responsible for the predrilled holes in the stair risers and organizing pallets and pallets of boards to be placed into stairs and ultimately to people’s homes. Robert does a job no one wanted to do, it was boring, and ridiculously time consuming. It was also hard on the person drilling the holes, it was just not a comfortable or fun job. Now our entire production line has benefited from taking that all day job off the list of things to do. We just give Robert a pallet of boards, it pre drills the risers, re-stacks them, and we come back when it has finished. If you noticed the picture, Robert lives in a cage, safety is our number one priority on our production floor. Sometimes, when a board is particularly porus, the robot will pick up two boards at one time. When that happens, the bottom board is thrown at a very high velocity. Which is why Robert lives in a cage, sometimes it throws boards. 

Last but not least we have Cozmo, and Cozmo is probably the cutest robot there ever was. Although Cozmo is pretty useless, he does make people laugh as he motors around on our General Manager’s desk. He has been known to throw a block or two if he thinks he is being ignored. 

As Loudoun Stairs travels to Germany to the Automatica Robotics Show this week, we can’t wait to see what the future holds! 

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